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Teenagers / Young Adults

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Teenage can be a time of a lot of turmoil for some, as it is the time when they are trying to cope with being young adults and juggle their hormonal changes with all the social pressures they may find themselves being placed under. Teenagers may also get so engrossed with school, jobs, sports and social activities that oral care takes a back seat. They also tend to eat a lot of “junk” food. Combine all the above and you have a situation ripe for dental decay. Not surprisingly, this is the time when many people develop a lot of cavities.
As a parent or guardian, it is important to instil in your child the need for good oral hygiene habits at home, and make regular 6 monthly visits to the dentist to ensure their teeth remain healthy for life.

Mouth guards:

If your child plays contact sports, it is highly advisable to have a custom-made mouth guard fitted to provide superior protection against dental sport related injury. We are able to make the mouth guard in single solid colours or multiple colours, and have AFL team colours as options too!

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At glo Dental we do things differently. We listen, we care about you and we feel that our job goes beyond just analyzing your oral cavity and prescribing a suitable course of treatment. We believe that it’s essential to understand the needs and requirements of every patient and to establish a flow of communication by interacting with them not merely as their dentists, but also as someone who is willing to take into consideration each person’s viewpoint. If you are looking for a Cockburn Central dentist, get in touch today!

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