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Crowns and Bridges

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Crowns And Bridges

A crown is a type of restoration which completely encircles or caps the tooth or an implant. Crowns restore the shape, size and strength of a tooth and are also used to help improve its appearance.
Why is a crown needed?

  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking.
  • To cover and support a broken tooth
  • Protect a tooth with a large filling in it when there isn’t much tooth remaining
  • To hide discolorations on teeth and misshapen teeth.
  • As a permanent restoration after Root Canal Treatment
  • As a part of a bridge
  • To cover and protect a cracked tooth.

A bridge is one of the options that your dentist will discuss with you to replace one or more missing teeth. Missing teeth result in gaps in your mouth, which not only lead to difficulty in chewing your food efficiently but also encourage the surrounding teeth to rotate and try to shift into these empty spaces. This subtle movement of the existing teeth can result in a change in the way your teeth come together (or bite down) which can lead to a negative effect on the health of your gums and teeth and imbalances in your jaw joint. Therefore, it is important to replace missing teeth as soon as practicable.

We will discuss and recommend the various options available to replace your missing teeth at your appointment, so as to properly and fully understand and address your specific needs.

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