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Free Invisalign consult only at Glo Dental Beeliar (offer ends July 23).

Dentures are an alternative to Implants and Bridges to replace your missing teeth, and to help you smile with confidence. it can be made to replace all your teeth or some of your missing teeth. Besides the obvious aesthetic improvements that dentures bring, they also help ensure that food is being chewed properly which in turn assists with better digestion.

Based on how many teeth are missing, dentures are of 2 types :

Partial Dentures – Removable

  • Partial Dentures are used / recommended if there are a few teeth missing in your mouth
  • These dentures can be made of Acrylic or Cast metal. Each of these materials has their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Removable dentures can also be made with a flexible material called Valplast.

At Glo Dental, we will take into account several factors while helping you decide which material would suit you best.


Complete Dentures – Removable

  • Complete dentures or Full Dentures are used / recommended when all the teeth on either the upper jaw or the lower jaw or both are missing
  • These dentures are usually made of Acrylic.
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At glo Dental we do things differently. We listen, we care about you and we feel that our job goes beyond just analyzing your oral cavity and prescribing a suitable course of treatment. We believe that it’s essential to understand the needs and requirements of every patient and to establish a flow of communication by interacting with them not merely as their dentists, but also as someone who is willing to take into consideration each person’s viewpoint. If you are looking for a Cockburn Central dentist, get in touch today!

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