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Frequently Asked Questions

At Glo Dental we can help you get the smile you want and deserve by several means. One simple and popular procedure is Teeth Whitening, which can do wonders to your confidence by improving the appearance of your smile. 

At Glo Dental, we use the SmartBleach 3LT  system which is the world’s most effective photo-dynamic teeth-whitening system. 

The SmartBleach 3LT system uses technology very similar to laser, in which it utilises the power of a bright green light to whiten teeth without the use of heat, meaning that it is much safer for the health of your teeth than other whitening treatments. This unique treatment system whitens teeth with virtually no dehydration of the teeth.

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When all our teeth are present in the mouth, each tooth helps to maintain the position of the adjacent and opposite teeth. When a tooth is missing there is a resulting gap / space which the surrounding teeth tend to move toward, in an attempt to equalise the space. This can lead to problems in the health of your gums and teeth as food is more easily trapped between displaced teeth. Therefore, it is prudent to replace missing teeth as soon as practicable.

Missing teeth can be replaced in several ways. Each person and their situation is unique. At Glo Dental, we advise you come in for a discussion, so we are able to assess your condition, discuss with you all options available and then provide you with an appropriate customised treatment plan  to replace your missing teeth. Below are the options that are available to replace missing teeth :

At Glo dental we use the latest products and materials to restore teeth and do not use amalgam or silver filling materials. Amalgam fillings were very useful in their time but they came with the problems of weakening teeth causing cracks, and being aesthetically unappealing. White fillings are tooth coloured materials like composite resin and ceramic / porcelain, and hence are more aesthetically pleasing. We use tooth-coloured materials for all our restorative work, so that you can have that beautiful smile you deserve.

There are the different kinds of tooth coloured restorations that we use at Glo Dental, and they each have specific indications for use. Please click on the below for more information.

At Glo Dental, we understand that each patient is unique and so are their dental needs. Our dentists take into consideration all aspects of your health before providing you with a customised dental treatment plan. Every member of our team is committed to ensure that your teeth and smile are looked after in the best possible way. Click here to know more.  

We are also keen to educate and motivate children and teens in our community to ensure their dental health and needs are well looked after.

We encourage people apprehensive about dental treatment to come in and speak to us about Sleep Dentistry, where all your dental treatment is carried out while you are comfortably sleeping. Please click here for more information on  Sleep Dentistry or Sedation .

At Glo Dental we will assess the condition of your chipped tooth and accordingly assist you with choosing the right treatment option. Treatment options would depend on how badly damaged your tooth is. We would possibly discuss fixing your tooth with one or more of the following options: 

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

Phyllis Diller

Gone are the old drill and fill days of dentistry. With the advent of modern dentistry and the various treatment options available to us, we can help you reach your smile-goals.

  • Old unsightly amalgam/silver fillings can be easily replaced with Tooth Coloured or White Fillings.
  • Crowns can help protect teeth from further break down.
  • Veneers can improve the appearance of teeth by changing the size, shape, colour or length.
  • Missing teeth can be replaced with various options.
  • Teeth Whitening can do wonders to your confidence by improving the appearance of your smile.

Does the thought of your upcoming appointment with your dentist scare you? Are you afraid of the noise, discomfort or the needles? Take comfort in the knowledge that at Glo dental we are able to carry out your dental treatment while you are asleep. This is commonly called Sleep Dentistry or Sedation Dentistry.

At Glo Dental, we are able to offer you 2 different sedation techniques.

  1. Inhalation Sedation with the help of ‘happy gas’ or Nitrous Oxide 
  2. Intravenous or IV Sedation also called Twilight Sedation with the help of a very experienced anaesthetist.

There is no need to go to the hospital for any of these Sedation techniques, they are carried out very comfortably in the dental chair and your dentist is able to complete any / all dental treatment on the day.

Please feel free to discuss this with us at your next visit, alternatively, you can speak to us on 08-9414 7255 or email [email protected] for more information.

A dental emergency can be quite a traumatic experience, one we hope you never have to go through. At Glo Dental, we do try and reserve some time in our day to attend to any dental emergency that may arise. We will always do our best to deal with your emergency as soon as possible, and relieve you of your discomfort. Please contact us on 08 9414 7255 to make an appointment.

Our children need our time and attention in all facets of their lives as they grow. Parents want to ensure their kids are healthy and able to enjoy the good things in life. We, at Glo dental, want to help to make this possible for you and your child, by making their dental visits a fun and nurturing experience. 

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At glo Dental, we strive to give you a healthy smile

At glo Dental we do things differently. We listen, we care about you and we feel that our job goes beyond just analyzing your oral cavity and prescribing a suitable course of treatment. We believe that it’s essential to understand the needs and requirements of every patient and to establish a flow of communication by interacting with them not merely as their dentists, but also as someone who is willing to take into consideration each person’s viewpoint. If you are looking for a Cockburn Central dentist, get in touch today!

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