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Dr. Nancy Ji

“A relationship between a dentist and a patient is a lifelong journey. We work together towards a mutual goal of maintaining good teeth and oral health using a tailored approach to dental care. My aim is for all my patients to smile with confidence!”

As a Perth local, Dr Nancy graduated from UWA with a double major Bachelor degree in medical science and management, as well as a Doctor of Dental Medicine.

While Dr Nancy enjoys all aspects of dentistry, she’s particularly interested in preventative, aesthetic and minimally invasive restorative dentistry. That’s because she loves seeing patients with a confident and healthy smile.

Making her patients feel comfortable is paramount. To achieve this, Dr Nancy considers the patient’s overall well-being, takes the time to listen, and likes to make every visit as stress free as possible!

Dr Nancy believes that the more patients are educated about the management of their teeth, the more empowered they will be to make treatment decisions with confidence and a bright smile.

Outside of work, she enjoys the company of her two dogs, and can be found enjoying good coffee and discovering new brunch places.


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