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Infants and Children

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Infants And Children

Infants And Children As your children grow, they are also developing their attitudes towards situations in life that they will face along their way. One such situation that will eventually come up will be “a visit to the dentist”. At Glo Dental, we believe that we can help mould your child’s mind set by making their visit to the dentist a fun and nurturing experience.
We encourage you to bring your baby with you to your own dental visits so that your baby gets used to the practice environment, and starts to view Glo Dental as his/her ‘dental home’. Your child will also see you having your dental treatment done, and will slowly come to realise that its ‘safe’ to have their own teeth looked at and worked on as well. Generally-speaking, it’s time for your baby to see the dentist for the first time when their first tooth becomes visible or when they reach 12 months of age, whichever comes first.

Oral hygiene tips

After feeds and before bed, it is important that you gently clean your baby’s gums, using some sterile gauze or an infant washcloth. It is also prudent that your baby only takes water in the bottle which they take to bed, as this can help prevent “baby bottle tooth decay”.
Up until age 3, we recommend that you brush your child’s teeth and we can show you a simple and effective brushing technique. As your child grows, we suggest parental supervision while allowing your child to brush his/her own teeth. This goes a long way in instilling in your child a sense of autonomy, motivation and enthusiasm regarding their dental care.

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At glo Dental we do things differently. We listen, we care about you and we feel that our job goes beyond just analyzing your oral cavity and prescribing a suitable course of treatment. We believe that it’s essential to understand the needs and requirements of every patient and to establish a flow of communication by interacting with them not merely as their dentists, but also as someone who is willing to take into consideration each person’s viewpoint. If you are looking for a Cockburn Central dentist, get in touch today!

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