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Root Canal Treatment

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A Root Canal Treatment is done to “save” an infected tooth by eliminating the infection which is affecting the nerve of the tooth. The symptoms that a tooth may display when infected are :

  • Pain spontaneously, without a stimulus / cause
  • Sensitivity to hot as well as cold foods / drinks
  • A pimple / abscess with draining pus in the gums surrounding the tooth
  • Swelling of the face / gums

Sometimes, however, the nerve of a tooth may disintegrate and get diseased without presenting any obvious signs or symptoms. This can happen when a tooth is involved in some mild trauma or sometimes even after orthodontic treatment. In such cases, we need to perform special tests to help with precise diagnosis and only then proceed with any treatment.
Root canal treatment of a tooth is usually done over a series of dental visits. It involves removal of the inflamed nerve from an infected tooth, followed by cleaning, disinfecting and widening of the root canals and then sealing the cleaned and disinfected root canals, signalling the end of the root canal treatment. The root treated tooth then needs to be restored with a strong, preferably full coverage, restoration like a crown.

If a root canal treatment is deemed necessary, it is imperative that the tooth is treated as soon as practicable to avoid complications like the formation of a dental abscess, facial swelling, swelling spreading to the neck and a general feeling of ill health. All our dentists at Glo Dental, never want you to lose any teeth, and will always try to suggest the best treatment modalities to help you keep your teeth for life.

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